Electro wire rope winch BETA BGV C1 / BGV D8 plus


Lifts loads over persons perfectly safely: the BETA EL with
DGUV V 17/18 approval lifts and positions equipment and decorations
precisely in trade, industry and public use. The BETA DGUV V 17/18 (BGV C1) is also used in theaters together with the tried and tested DELTA theater winch. The electric wire rope winch BETA EL DGUV V 17/18 is also offered in the BGV D8 PLUS design for positioning of structural elements.

Equipment and processing

• Tensile loads from 160 - 1200 kg
• Low-maintenance spur gear with milled and ground gears –
   running in oil bath
• Very quiet running by diagonal interlock
• Double electrically released spring-applied disk brake with
   brake release monitoring (BGV C1)
• Duty ratio S3 - 40 %
• Range of temperature: -20 °C – +40 °C
• Powerful three-phase motor for multi-range voltage
   380-420 V / 50 Hz respectively 440-460 V / 60 Hz
• Motor protection type IP 55
• Grooved wire rope drum
• Contactor control 42 V
• Gear limit switch with operating and emergency end positions
• Electronic overload protection
• According to the accident prevention provisions DGUV V 17/18 and

   DGUV V 54 (BGV D8)

• Additional equipment as in the rope winch BETA EL


Technical data DGUV V17/18 ( BGV C1)


Technical daten BGV D8 plus


Stadthalle Gersthofen near Augsburg, Germany
Theater, concert, gala: the Gersthofen city hall is a diverse event venue.
Flying bars with decoration elements for theater effects can be moved
safely, precisely and silently, thanks to BETA theater winches in the
above-stage machinery.
  Tbilisi Centre of Music and Culture, Tiflis
A sound element weighing approx. 35 tons is impressively suspended
above the audience’s heads in the Tbilisi Centre of Music and Culture
in Tiflis, Georgia. Three redundant DELTA theater winches handle this
object. Two redundantly arranged gear motors with brakes on each winch
ensure maximum safety.
  Königsgalerie Duisburg, Germany
A huge crown welcomes visitors to the Königsgalerie in Duisburg from
high above. Seven individual segments of a crown continually move on
steel ropes in the open space. They are held by several BETA winches
with different lifting paths. Once every hour, the parts merge into the
overall image of the crown.