Electric wire rope winch BETA EX


The electric wire rope winch models BETA EX have been constructed
for special uses. They are operationally safe where there is a danger
of igniting explosive atmospheres (mixtures of air, gases, vapors or
dust/air mixtures). Since the electrical wire rope winches can be
used in very different surroundings, the matching winch for each
application can be assembled easily with our flexible construction
kit system.

Equipment and processing

• Load 320 - 7500 kg
• High-grade surface coating
• Electrically released spring-operated disk brake (encapsulated)
• Three-phase drives for multi-range voltage 400V-50Hz,
   insulation class F, duty ratio 40 % ED
• Range of temperature: -20 °C – +40 °C
• Electronic overload protection as of 1000 kg lifting load (standard)
• Maintenance-free, spur gear with oil bath lubrication
• Variable rope direction by two rope fasteners (left and right)
• Gear limit switch adjustable for limiting the wire rope travel
   in both directions
• Gear limit switch encapsulated

• Electric control with flameproof enclosure Ex II 2 GD de
   IIB T4 T 135 °C
• Electric control non ATEX-compliant (mounted outside ATEX area)
• Special wire rope drums
• Pressure roller
• Special voltages
• Special wire ropes with copper-plated lifting hooks
• Sheaves, wire rope pulley blocks (ATEX-compliant Ex II 2 GD
   IIB T4 135 °C IP 65)


Dimensions and technical data on request!