Screw jacks for offshore use

Screw jacks for offshore use

Thanks to corrosion and weather resistant materials and a surface sealing with special protective coatings, our electro-mechanical drive components are ideal for use under offshore conditions.


Screw jacks - standard

With standard screw jacks of various size, the maintenance hatch of the wind power plant can be raised even in extreme wind conditions without damage and be moved laterally. The small translation of the screw jacks ensures the function also at high wind loading. The corrosion-resistant protective coating protects both screw jacks and drive components.


Screw jacks – special designs

When laying gas and oil pipelines at sea, the screw jacks of Pfaff-silberblau provide valuable service. In order to lower pipelines of installation ships at a certain angle to the sea floor, there are required tensioners consisting of two drive belts. In doing so, 4 mechanically synchronized screw jacks are used which allow a defined pressure of the tubes and the setting of the belt distance to the various pipe diameters.


Screw jacks - stainless

The SSP series has been developed especially for outdoor use and use in corrosive media respectively.
In extreme conditions, standard finishes or coatings do not provide enough protection.
The SSP series is characterized by the following features:
- Housing, spindle, protective tube and worm shaft all made of stainless steel
- Guide rings made of bronze
- All screws and DIN-parts made of stainless material