Structural steelwork

Corrosion protection starts from the initial construction of the structural steelwork.

• Wire rope winch and control cabinet are integrated into the structural steelwork of the
  crane, where they are protected against the effects of the weather.
• The bearings and joints of the crane are protected by the construction.
• All profiles are welded tight.
• High-grade surface coating of the entire structural steelwork in category C5-M accord-
  ing to DIN EN ISO 12944-5.

However, it is not just saltwater that can cause damage to the corrosion protection and
thus also to the structural steel. Bird droppings also cause weakening of the surface
protection and, as such, increased risk of corrosion.
A special, non-rusting protection system on the crane provides an ideal means of
protection against seagulls and prevents deposits of aggressive bird droppings.