Guided force simply implemented…

Compact, multi-level solutions for load capacities of 5.000 N to 25.000 N

With our PHOENIX lifting columns forces of 5.000 N to 25.000 N can be moved easily. This economical system unites force and guiding in an approved complete solution.

The manifold mounting options such as vertically, horizontally or also overhead and the compact design satisfy many operation demands. Another outstanding feature of the PHOENIX lifting column is the ability to take up eccentric forces as well.

All advantages of a PHOENIX lifting column at a glance:

- Design according to your customer needs (lift, basic construction height, traversing speed)
- Eccentric loads  (outreach) permitted
- Guiding and screw jack possible for the vertical and horizontal application
- Pressure and tensile load permitted

PHOENIX lifting columns can be found in many areas e.g.:
- Ergonomic height adjustment of working and assembly tables,
- Lifting and shifting of eccentric loads without additional guides,
- For optically demanding applications such as exhibition stands … and many more