Telescopic lifting column PHOENIX Industrial


PHOENIX lifting columns move forces of 0.5 t to 2.5 t. This economical system combines screw jack and guiding in one. The possibility to take up eccentric forces as well, is the characteristic of the PHOENIX lifting column. The compact design facilitates an extensive possible field of application. PHOENIX lifting columns are used multi-purposely in the mechanical engineering, the aerospace as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Features and processing


• Design according to your customer needs (lift, head plate, driving motor …)
• Eccentric loads (outreach) permitted
• Guiding and screw jack in one, thus external guides can be omitted
• Sectional tubes made of  anodised aluminium
• Vertical and horizontal application possible
• Pressure and tensile load permitted




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Bellazzo: On a mobile coffee bar the cover lid is lifted about 800mm. The lifting is done by a manually adjustable PHOENIX telescope lifting column PH67 and a detachable crank handle.


Image source EnBW, Karlsruhe: For the reversion of nuclear power plants the telescope lifting columns PHOENIX are used. The two lifting columns PH46 are used to mill off concrete walls in a nuclear power plant with a special milling cutter. This is realized with a lift of 2.500 mm and a height of 1.650 mm.


Assembly stand adjustable in height: To enable ergonomic working in compliance with the existing safety regulations, drive units weighing 4,000 N are lifted by two-stage telescope lifting columns PHOENIX PH46 in the assembly department. This is carried out by two mechanically coupled PHOENIX lifting columns. The lift amounts to 300 mm at a height of 450 mm in retracted position.