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Industrial plant lifting table

Industrial plant lifting table HTA
Carrying loads 1000 - 7000 kg


Speciale features

• Carrying loads 1000 - 5000 kg
• Lifting heights 800 - 1600 mm
• Individual customer solutions
• Smooth steel sheet platform with maintenance hatch
• Higher cycle times possible
• With upper, adjustable limit switch

• Comprehensive accessories range

Please find further information on modifications under “Accessories”!






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Questionnaire lifting tables PDF  
Catalog lifting tables "Lifting and loading power by Pfaff-silberblau" PDF  
Translated operating instructions HTA PDF  
Translated operating instructions HTA-T (tandem scissors) PDF  
Translated operating instructions HTA-D (double scissors) PDF  
Options for industrial plant lifting table HTA

Railing protects the staff traveling along against failing
• Available for the long and the narro sides
• Screwed or pluggable
• Operating point at the railing possible
  Underrun protection
• Closes the open space under the
• Necessary when open sides
   cannot beviewed by the   operator
• Design as PVC-roller shutter or
Safety portal
• Effective protection against fall of
   persons from heights
Safety door
• Protects the staff traveling
  along against falling
• Electrically lockable (lifting table
   moves only with the doorclosed)
Overloading flap
• Level compensation between truck and ramp
• Multiply divided
Automatic unrolling protection
• Automatic protection against
   accidental unrolling
Bulb plate
• Slip-inhibiting platform support
Rotatable platform
• As a plate
• 360 ° rotatable
• Rotatable in both directions
Tilt lock on top
• Prevents uncontrolled lifting the platform
   or the
• Security, so that persons the Platform
   can enter
  Tilt lock below
• Prevents uncontrolled lifting the
   platform or the
• Security, so that persons the
   platform can enter
  Access Door
• Standard for HTA and HTV
• Provides access to the aggregate
• Fixed limitation or roll-off
• To move the lift table in unloaded condition
• Track-bound or with two buckets and two
Elevated base frame
• To transport the lift table by means
   of p
allet truck or forklift
Platform extension
• Customization the platform
Special coating
• Customization the platform
Electrical equipment
• 2. Operating point, interim stop, potential-free contacts


Other options (without figure)

• Changed platform
• Design for the outdoor area