HSE range

The high performance worm gear screw jacks of the series HSE are available for a load range of 0.5 t to 100 t. The series HSE has been developed specifically for the dynamic use at medium and high lifting speeds and an increased duty cycle. The housing made of spheroidal graphite iron with the cast-on cooling fins is designed in such a way that high heat dissipation to the surrounding area is ensured.

Features and processing

• 8 different sizes
• Lifting capacities of 5 to 1.000 kN
• Drive-motor speeds of up to 3.000 rpm
• Self-locking wired trapezoidal screw
• Separate lubrication circuits: Tr screw with grease-lubrication and worm gears with oil-splash lubrication
• Worm gear pairs in 2 two ratio steps (normal “N” and slow “L”)
• Worm-drive shaft case-hardened and ground




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Size   32 36.1 50.1 63.1 80.1 100.1 125.1 200.1
Max. lifting capacity
 10  25  50  100  200  350  1000
Max. tensile load
 25  50  100  178  350  1000


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HSE 100 in ATEX version for the lifting of a filter housing. Incorporated into a natural gas conveyor station for the revision of filter elements during the purification of natural gas.

HSE 100.1 (Performance Level “C“) as the drive for a scissor lifting table with swing version as tandem drive, synchronized via connecting shafts.