MERKUR range


The series MERKUR is available for a load range of 0.25 t to 25 t. The cubical design and the all-round handling facilitate an easy alignment of the drives during installation. MERKUR lifting screw jacks are operated wherever loads have to be positioned under moderate duty cycles and little dynamic.

Features and processing


• 9 different sizes
• Lifting capacities  of 2.5 to 500 kN
• Drive-motor speeds of up to 1,500 rpm
• Grease-lubricated version
• All-round handling allows for an easy alignment
• Self-locking rolled trapezoidal screw
• Grease  lubricated worm gears in two ratios steps (normal “N” and slow “L”)
• identically constructed to European manufacturers of worm gear screw jacks with cubical design



You receive information on the size you require quickly and efficiently.
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Size   M0 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8
Max. lifting capacity
 5  10  25  50  100  250  350  500
Max. tensile load
 10  25  50  100  250  350  500


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      Photo: Multibrid, Bremerhaven


For the (storm) safe opening and closing of the service hatch of wind turbines, 6 screw jacks each of the “MERKUR” series from the standard range of ALLTEC drive technology are used.