Overview SHE


The series SHE is the screw jack series that has been available on the market the longest, and is made for a load range of 0.5 t to 200 t. The classical housing form made of spheroidal graphite iron in the new design is its unique feature. An area of application for this robust SHE series is anywhere where high loads have to be positioned and lifted accurately at medium duty cycles and moderate lifting speed.


Features and processing:


• 14 sizes with lifting capacities of 5 to 2.000 kN
• Drive-motor speed of up to 1.500 rpm
• Self-locking trapezoidal screw
• Grease-lubricated model
• Worm gear pairs in two ratio steps (normal “N” and slow “L”)
• Worm-drive shaft case-hardened and ground



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Size   0,5 1.1 2 3.1 5.1 15.1 20.1
Max. lifting capacity
 15/15  not available  30/45  50/75  100/150  200/200
Max. tensile load
 not available  30/45  50/75  99/99  178/200

Size   25 35 50.1 75 100.1 150 200
Max.lifting capacity   
350/350  500/500  750/750  800/1000  1500/1500  2000/2000
Max. tensile load
 500/500  750/750  800/1000  1500/1500 -


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Load test: Lifting systems with 4 units SHE 150
Lifting system for the electron accelerator of the research laboratory CERN to install and dismantle the two subcomponents “Forward Calorimeter” with a total weight of 350 tons. In detail, the lifting system consists of four worm gear screw jacks, two bevel gears as well as connecting and cardan connecting shafts. The particularly robust and high-capacity screw jack drives are equipped with an anti-turn device at the screw, a speed monitor of the screw jacks as well as a temperature control.
Height and inclination adjustment indoor running track
Hidden under the track surface, the SHE screw jacks in the raceway curves provide for an axial adjustment of the curve segments. Every screw jack element offers a maximum lifting capacity of 50 kN and is equipped with self-locking Tr screws.


Lifting device to lift a lock gate, weighing approx. 200 t, by 700 mm with a deviation of less than 0.1 mm. This consists of four high-precision heavy duty worm gears crew jacks SHE 100.1.

Special construction for steel structures in hydraulic perspective: Using electromechanical lock drives, inland vessels can maneuver themselves through Northern France’s system of rivers and canals per remote control.
The locks are opened and closed using size 25 worm gear screw jacks with Tr 90 x 16 trapezoidal spindles. Here, the lifting elements handle a dynamic tensile load of 75 kN for maximum lifting lengths of a good 7.000 mm, or a static load of 250 kN.


Test rig for testing of cargo securing systems in aircraft consisting of 4 standard screw jacks SHE 150. The 4 screw jacks simulate the loads that can occur in an emergency and need to be intercepted by safety nets.


Image source: IABG, Ottobrunn