SHG range


The quick lifting screw jack SHG is available for a load range of 1.5 t to 9 t in four different sizes. The use of a spiral-toothed bevel gear results in a high efficiency and a long lifespan. The drives of the series SHG are used in areas that require a high dynamic and high duty cycles.


Features and processing


• 4 different sizes
• Lifting capacities of 15 to 90 kN
• Drive-motor speeds of up to 3.000 rpm
• Self-locking trapezoidal screw
• Separate lubrication circuits: Tr screw with grease-lubrication and bevel gears with oil-splash lubrication
• Gearing case-hardened and ground
• Bevel gears in 2 two ratio steps (2:1 and 3:1 depending on requirement



You receive information on the size you require quickly and efficiently.
Select the size you require and click with the mouse to access the matching
reselection tables, buckling diagrams and performance tables.

Size   G 15
G 25
G 50
G 90
Max.lifting capacity
 25  50  90
Max. tensile load
 50  90


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