SSP range


The entirely newly developed series of stainless worm gear screw jacks SSP has been designed specifically for the tough requirements of e.g. modern paper machines. This new series is based on a standardized construction kit, which may be combined individually.  
Due to high-grade stainless steel and innovative technology there should not be any obstacle anymore to a mechanical lifting solution in the field of steel hydraulics construction, food industry as well the explosion-proof area.


Features and processing


• 4 sizes for a load range of 5 t to 25 t
• Drive-motor speeds of up to maximum 1500 rpm
• Motor flange screwable from the outside
• Modern design
• High-quality lubrication
• Housing with swivel brackets
• Identically constructed to European manufacturers
• Standard fastening for motors
• Chamfer at the header to fasten the protection boot
• Innovative materials
• FEM optimized housing
• Two ratio steps "N" and "L"
• Self-locking wired trapezoidal screw



SSP 15.1 BA 1 A/Fe-Se
SSP 15.1 BA 1 A/Fe-Sf
SSP 15.1 BA 1 A/F-Se
SSP 15.1  BA 1  A/F-Sf
SSP 20.1  BA 1 A/Fe-Se
SSP 20.1 BA 1 A/Fe-Sf
SSP 20.1 BA 1 A/F-Se
SSP 20.1 BA 1 A/F-Sf
SSP 25 BA 1 A/Fe-Se
SSP 25 BA 1 A/Fe-Sf
SSP 25 BA 1 A/F-Se  
SSP 25 BA 1 A/F-Sf


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Brochure stainless steel screw jacks PDF  
Questionnaire operation screw jacks PDF  
Translated operating instructions SSP (identical to SHE and HSE), Edition 12/2016-D PDF  
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SSP 15.1 for the application in a paper machine  
• for the adjustment or positioning of the lips
• for the fabric tension
• for the felt tension for the hood opening of the drying cylinder
• as tambour lift
• as tambour retractor