Electric wire rope winch BETA EL

The robust and elegant electric wire rope winches BETA EL are used
for lifting, lowering and pulling all types of loads in all applications.
The proven technology and the high quality standard of the electric
wire rope winch BETA EL guarantee trouble-free, reliable and durable
operation. The construction kit system permits high flexibility:
the electric wire rope winches BETA EL with their many options can
be combined very well into an individual solution. The use of
high-quality components offers safety and long service lives.

Equipment and processing

• Carrying loads 320 - 7500 kg
• Maintenance-free worm gear pairs or low-maintenance spur gear
   with milled and ground gears – running in oil bath
• Very quiet running by diagonal interlock
• Electrically released spring-applied disk brake
• Duty ratio S3 – 40 %
• Contactor control 42 V
• Range of temperature: -20 °C – +40 °C
• Powerful three-phase motor for multi-range voltage 380 – 420 V / 50 Hz
   or 440 – 460 V / 60 Hz
• Motor protection type IP 55
• Grooved wire rope drum
• Large wire rope capacity
• 2 rope fasteners for variable rope direction

• Modular construction system with many versions
• Electronic overload protection as of 1000 kg lifting load
• Large wire rope capacity
• According to the accident prevention provisions BGV D8


• External operation via control pendant / radio
• Gear limit switch, adjustable
• Slack rope switch
• Rope pressure roller
• Special wire rope drums for multi-rope operation
• Drum extensions for higher stroke travel
• Special preservation
• Other operating voltages
• Other motorprotection types
• Absolute and incremental encoder
• Control with frequency converter forcontinuously adjustable
   variable speeds



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Site of operation: Stage in town hall Gersthofen
• Winch mounted vertically for lack of space
• Rope drum for 5 ropes
• Allocation of the ropes via a 5-rolling distributing roller block to a load bar

Site of operation: Smoke outlet
• Winch with completely enclosed drive
• Winch motor with self-locking worm gear and two spring pressure disc brakes
• Manual emergency drive
• Winch with slack rope switch
• Winch with special coating

Application in nuclear power plants to move  sliders and flaps
• Winch with special coating
• Grooved rope drum with two ropes
• Slack rope switch special motor with high protection class
• with 2x spring pressure disc brakes and brake release

Application in railway cars for  passenger cars to adjust the upper level
• Grooved rope drum with two ropes with rope protection break, slack rope shutdown,
   overload clutch enclosed with oil bath lubrication
• Winch drive via external drive
• Particularly robust construction for operation under adverse environmental influences

Application ski jump in Seefeld
• Winch with 2x spring pressure disc brakes
• Slack rope shutdown, hoist shutdown with 4 contacts, 2x operation end positions,
   2x emergency end positions
• Use: drawing of device for inserting of a starting line for ski jumpers in the inrun