Lifting tables for offshore applications

Proven technologies of the Pfaff-silberblau brand permit also offshore the efficient and
safe use of lifting tables, e.g. as a working platform helicopter deck.

The safety concepts of our lifting tables permit also offshore not just the transportation of
loads but also the carriage of persons. Thanks to selected materials and surface coatings,
our lifting tables are perfectly equipped to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


Equipment and design

• High stability also when exposed
  to strong winds thanks to sturdy
  design and anchoring of the frame
• Safe emergency lowering of loads
  and persons, even in case of power
• Multi-scissor systems permit high
  lifting heights in conjunction with
  small platform sizes
• Effective corrosion protection
  thanks to special paint and use
  of seawater-resistant materials

Further information on electrohydraulic lifting tables can be found here.