Screw jacks – standard design

Our standard screw jacks are not only suited for use in industrial environments.
Using suitable materials and surface coatings, these can also be deployed reliably
and efficiently in maritime conditions.

Wind turbine AREVA  Worm gear screw jack MERKUR


To replace large components in the nacelle of a wind turbine, these are transported by
helicopter directly into the turbine through a service hatch measuring approx. 2x3 m on
the top of the nacelle. To ensure that the service hatch can also be opened without
damage even in the strongest of winds, a system has been devised, which allows the
locking plate to be lifted by 50mm and moved sideways. This minimises the wind loads
and ensures that the hatch can be opened manually.

For this lifting mechanism, 6 worm gear screw jacks of the MERKUR range are used,
which have a corrosion-proof coating to protect against the saline air.