Motion Technology from Columbus McKinnon:
Custom Solutions and Systems for the Heavy Industry

In steelmaking and other heavy industries, drive technology is expected to lift, move,
and precisely position heavy loads under extremely adverse conditions, something that
requires specifi solutions and technical expertise. Both are offeed by Columbus McKinnon
Engineered Products, which for many years has been one of the world‘s leading suppliers
of special motion technology components for steelmaking and heavy industry under the
Pfaff-silberblau brand.


• Standard screw jacks for loads ranging from 0.5 to 75 tons

• Heavy-duty screw jacks for loads ranging from 100 to 200 tons

• Special screw jacks for special solutions

• Special screw jacks for repositioning tundishes

• Complete pot lifting systems for coating lines

Complete system solutions


Companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are increasingly seldom ordering
only individual components from their suppliers. Increasingly, they are ordering entire assemblies
that are assembled and commissioned by the contractors. The advantages for the OEM in
ordering complete systems are:


• They can concentrate on their core activities: less pressure on internal departments

• Systems are coordinated

• Everything comes from a single source, fewer interfaces

• Best possible assembly solution results in best possible overall solution

• One point of contact

• Simpler guarantee handling

• Fast response times in the event of a stoppage

• Responsibilities clearly define


Columbus McKinnon supplies field-proven complete solutions for many areas of
plant engineering, such as


• Maintenance systems for trains and buses

• Stage technology

• Petrochemical Industry


Screw jacks in customized special designs


Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products lives for customer proximity and customized special
solutions. The special solutions around screw jacks are required where standard designs
cannot be used for plant-specific onsiderations (installation space, lubrica- tion, dirt, high
temperatures, etc.).

These special solutions can, up to a point, be realized at relatively low cost using the modular
system from Pfaff-silbeblau. For some of these solutions, however, all components - except
for a few components - must be custom-made. To produce a screw jack that is perfectly
matched to the respective application, Pfaff-silbeblau designs and manufactures these special
screw jacks in close cooperation with the customer‘s own development department