System and special solutions for heavy industry

In drive engineering for the heavy and steel industry, high loads have to be reliably lifted, shifted and precisely positioned in the most adverse conditions. Special solutions and expertise are required for this. Pfaff-silberblau has both these qualities and has for years been one of the leading global suppliers of special drive engineering components for applications in the steel and heavy industry.


• Standard lifting elements in the 0.5 t to 75 t load ranget

• Heavy load lifting elements in the 100 t to 200 t load range

• Special lifting elements for special solutions

• Special screw jacks for repositioning tundishes

• Complete oven lifting systems for coating line

Complete system solutions


In the construction of plants and large-scale plants, more and more companies are
no longer ordering individual components from suppliers, but instead ordering entire
modules, which are directly installed and commissioned by the contractor.
The advantages of ordering complete systems for the OEM are:


• Concentration on core competencies

• The workload of internal divisions is reduced

• Systems are perfectly harmonised to one another

• Everything from a single source; less interface adjustment

• Optimum overall solution through optimum modular solutions

• One contact partner

• Simpler warranty processing

• Fast response time in the event of plant shutdown

• Responsibilities are clearly arranged


Pfaff-silberblau delivers tried-and-tested complete solutions for various areas
in plant construction, including for example:


• Rail Technology

• Stage technology

• Petroleum industry


Specific special designs


In places where standard lifting elements cannot be used due to plant-specific
characteristics (available space, oil, dirt, high temperatures, etc.), special solutions are
used. With the modular system from Pfaff-silberblau, these special solutions can be
implemented cost-effectively to a certain degree. Special designs can also go so far that,
sparing a few, all components have to be specially made for the customer. The construction
and development of such special gears takes places in close collaboration with the customer's
development department to ensure that the lifting gear is optimally suited to the application
in question.