Maintenance is essential to allow the electricity to flow – Pfaff-silberblau

There's virtually no environment more challenging for technical equipment than out at sea: extreme weather conditions combined with the destructive force of the saltwater sees to that. The technology used in this environment must offer reliable functionality, as breakdowns are far more costly than those that occur on land.


The screw jacks, platform cranes, wire rope winches and lifting tables from Pfaff-silberblau are designed for offshore conditions right down to the last detail.
In this regard, our electromechanical service crane is ideally suited for use on the maintenance platform, otherwise known as the transition piece, of offshore wind turbines – be this as a manual davit crane or an electrically powered slewing crane with an adjustable jib. The integrated wire rope winch ensures the reliable transportation of material and personnel from the supply vessel to the wind turbine – also in strong winds and heavy seas.

Our quality inspections are as relentless as the rough seas. Solutions plus control systems from Pfaff-silberblau are also available in ATEX format and have already proven themselves on numerous wind farms.


Offshore solutions – Pfaff-silberblau's contribution to transforming energy!