Repair service

Safe, diligent and fast ….

this is how our qualified personnel repairs your defective devices in our service center by using original spare parts. The devices are tested for safety after every repair. The return of the repaired device in top condition is carried out within a time period of maximum 3-5 days.

We gladly also implement the required safety inspection in accordance with the Accident Prevention Regulations of your hoisting technology. The Accident Prevention Regulations inspection service is a very important part of the maintenance and repair and is performed in accordance with the legal guidelines. The inspection evaluates the actual condition of your equipment such as cranes, hoisting devices, lifting tables, worm gear screw jacks as well as their components and functions. This safety-related inspection according to the Accident Prevention Regulations may only be performed by qualified specialists.

If you have any questions on the repair service, feel free to contact us via email or telephone at any time.

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